Vol. 2, No. 1 Fall 2004

Director’s Report On Building Progress

In January of this year, the Loyola/Notre Dame Library Board of Trustees requested that I initiate a strategic planning process to take into account the building project and prepare for the next five years, a period determined at that time to extend from July of 2005 through June of 2010, during which construction takes place and moves through completion. The entire library staff began engagement in the strategic planning effort starting at the end of May. Teams were organized based on key themes developed in consultation with the Academic Vice Presidents and myself. Work proceeded throughout the summer with the Joint Faculty Library Committee becoming involved in the early draft stage to review and recommend improvements from their academic perspective. The process went through two draft phases and culminated in a plan presented to and approved by the Board in September 2004 along with mission, values and vision statements. The primary goals established for this strategic planning period are:

  1. Manage the building project effectively and efficiently through completion and first year occupancy.

  2. Provide user-centered services that are prompt, dependable, convenient, and responsive to changing needs.

  3. Improve collections in all media in support of key disciplines in the curricula.

  4. Develop the Library as a digital organization.

  5. Establish a systematic information competency program that is integral to the academic work of students and faculty.

  6. Provide for the systematic and continuous development of library staff competencies and compensation.

Complete Mission Statement


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