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PsycINFO includes references to sources in psychology & related fields (1887-pres.)

To use PsycINFO:
  1. Go to the Library homepage (www.loyola.edu/library).
  2. Select Psychology from the scroll box in the left-hand column.
  3. Click on PsycINFO.
  4. Type search terms in the search boxes, select the appropriate field(s), and any appropriate limits provided at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Search.
  6. To view the full record of your retrieved citations, click on the linked title. If there is a link to "Linked Full Text," click on it to view the full-text article. If there is a an icon below the citation, click on it to find out if the library can access the journal electronically (Step 1) or has it in the catalog (step 2), or if you need to place an ILL order (step 3). If there is no article linker provided, you will need to search the electronic journals list, search the catalog, or place an ILL order from the library main page.
  7. Click on the folder icon labeled "Add" next to each citation to collect references into your folder. Click on the folder above and to the right of search results to see your collected citations and/or full-text articles, then select "Print," "E-mail," or "Save to Disk."
  8. If the article you need is not available in our Library, you can request an article using Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The Interlibrary Loan forms are available at the Reference Desk, Circulation Desk or electronically under "Request Forms" from the Library's homepage. Note: ILL is time-sensitive. That is, depending on the library that owns a copy of the article, it could take two or three weeks for some articles. So, make your ILL requests early.
Other Useful Sources:

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