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Bowker's Books in Print is a database listing by author, subject, title and several other indexes to books published or distributed in North America. It is NOT a catalog of books that we have in this library. Some listings in the database now include book reviews.

To use Books in Print:
  • Go to the Library's homepage (www.loyola.edu/library).
  • Click on Databases By Title.
  • Click on the letter “B”. Then click on Books in Print

Choose the type of search you would like to do from the left bar.
AUTHOR search: enter an author's name (first name first or last name first)
TITLE search: enter the exact title of the book in which you are interested.
KEYWORD search: enter as much of the book title as you can remember, or enter a subject or keyword such as "acid rain" or "child psychology,"and the closest matches will appear in the results.
ISBN/UPC search: Enter the ISBN or UPC number if it is available

  • Notice the various status and format limiters below the search field. Apply as necessary given how much you know about the book or media item.
  • Within Advanced Search (see leftmost yellow tab at top of screen), You may set your current search parameters, in up to five fields, in many more ways, including: ~awards ~review source~publisher ~price
  • However, it is not necessary to use special parameters or to enter search criteria in more than one field. Limiters, as in the basic search, are optional.
  • If you need a publisher's address click on the yellow link to "Publishers."
Sample RECORD:
AUTHOR: Francis, Dick
TITLE: Second Wind
PUBLISHER: Putnam Publishing Group
PUBLISHING date: Sept. 1999
ISBN 0399145621
BINDING: Trade cloth
PAGE count: 320
Currency: US dollars
PRICE: 24.95
PRICE TYPE: retail price
SUBJECTS: fiction, mystery, detective, suspense, large-type books.


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