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People working in academia are generally aware of "fair use" as the guiding precept that allows educational use of copyrighted material, and that limited use of copyrighted material for educational purposes generally does not result in legal consequences. However, there are more specific areas of copyright law that pertain to educators, including:
  • Defining and recognizing intellectual property,
  • Determining what is and what isn't in the public domain,
  • Establishing copyright for - or making fair use of - digital material,
  • Creating course packs (or Blackboard sites) and obtaining permissions,
and many other areas of copyright concern. Loyola/Notre Dame Library pledges to directly concern itself with any copyright questions or issues that arise from material stored at or accessed through its facilites, and to provide informational resources (but not legal advice) as needed for all other instances of copyright concern that faculty may have.
To these ends, Loyola/Notre Dame Library has created an electronic reserves statement concerning electronic reserve material accessed through the library, and has also compiled a brief list of some of the best and most comprehensive resources for information on general copyright, fair use, permissions, licenses and other issues.

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