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Expanded Academic ASAP (Academic OneFile) is a multidisciplinary database covering academic journals and popular magazines in Psychology, Sociology, Astronomy, History, Education, Literature, Current Events, Law and many other disciplines. A large percentage of the articles are available full-text in the database.
  1. Go to the Library homepage (www.loyola.edu/library).

  2. Click on General/Reference from the "Resources by Subject" box on the left-hand side of the page.

  3. Click on Expanded Academic ASAP (Academic OneFile).

  4. Select a search type on the left side bar (see "Description of Search Types" below). The default is Subject guide search.

  5. Type your search terms in the search box(es). Connect your terms using and, or, not, or search multiple words as a phrase. If using advanced search, these connectors are on the right pull-down menus ,and the left pull down menus contain search parameters for each field.

  6. Use the Limiters to focus your search (optional):
    • Check "documents with full text" for ONLY articles that are available full text in this database. (Please note that this option is not recommended, as you may miss good sources that are not available full text in this database but which the library can probably get for you either from print sources, from other electronic sources, or from another library.)
    • Check "peer reviewed publications" for articles that are edited by "peers," or experts in the field (generally this indicates 'scholarly' publications).
    • Type a specific date (August 16 1999, 16 Aug 1999, 08/16/99, 19990816, or date range, i.e. 1999-2002)
    • Type the title of a specific journal to search for articles published only in that journal.

  7. Click the Search button next to the search box.
    • If you searched Basic or Advanced search, you will see a list of citations matching your search criteria. Click the highlighted retrieval choices to view the full text or abstract of the article, or article linker to see if it is in another database.

    • If you searched Subject Guide, click the linked subject headings (or alphabetic neighbors of your search term if there is no such subject) or "narrow" by subdivisions, or related subjects, of the subject you entered.

  8. To Print or Email articles or citation/abstracts, click the "Mark" box to the left of the citation(s) you want. Click "Display Mark List," then click on "Print or E-mail." For printing, submit your print request on the next page, then click on "Print" or select "Print" from "File" on the upper tool bar. To email, type in a valid e-mail address and click on the "Submit" button.

Note: If you have any questions at any point of your search, click Help located on the left sidebar.

Description of Search Types
  • Subject guide - directs you to categories of articles that best meet your search criteria. Use the subject guide when you are looking for all articles that have been indexed under a known subject area. The subject guide can also give you ideas for other terms to use in your searching.
  • Keyword Search - will retrieve citations (abstracts/text) to articles that match your search terms to words in the articles. The articles are displayed chronologically, newest shown first.
  • Advanced Search - allows the researcher to combine several search concepts (such as: keyword, author, subject). This search will retrieve citations (abstracts/text) to articles matching the search criteria you select. Each set of searches will retrieve a "retrieved list" indicated as r1, r2, etc. You can combine these terms in a separate search by typing r1 and r2 (or any other retrieval, i.e. r5, r7 etc.).
  • Journal Search - search for particular journals.

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