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Plagiarism Exercises
Try these exercises to see if you can find a free term paper, or figure out whether or not text has been plagiarized and from where.

1) It is 2AM. The library is closed. You have a psychology paper due at 10AM tomorrow on cognitive behavioral therapy. You have two other papers due within two weeks and three tests coming up in your business major courses. What's a student to do? (Try finding a free term paper on cognitive behavioral therapy.)

2) The following portions of students' papers sound fishy to you. Can you prove that these students plagiarized?

    A. Data from several sources suggest that adolescents entered the 1980s with surprisingly traditional gender-role attitudes. Taken together, these findings suggest that American adolescents entered the 1980s with relatively traditional gender roles, as exemplified by both their stated attitudes and differences in the ways in which boys and girls accrued prestige.

    B. This is an argument that Socrates makes to illustrate why he in unafraid of dying, and why he is thinking rationally when he lacks this fear. Two thoughts to think about are that it is a problem for Plato and Socrates if you say the person dies, and the soul makes up the person because then the soul dies. Remember, that Plato is using Socrates to show that the soul is immortal so this objection is certainly a problem that must be considered by scholars of the text.

    C. According to Friedan, since the end of World War II, girls have been persuaded that the only desirable career is that of wife, mother, and housekeeper. As a result, many women are suffering because they have no identity as individuals. Social, educational, and commercial pressures in the last fifteen years particularly have caused a harmful discrepancy between what women really are and what they are told they should be. Blame is laid at various places including the influence of Freud, the writings of Margaret Mead, and advertising. All of these have conspired to limit the personal fulfillment of today's woman, and, as a result, she is bored with her existence. This boredom has a devastating effect on her husband and children too, so it is a problem which really threatens the future of our country.

Answer Key for Question 2:
A. Expanded Academic ASAP   B. Web    C. print sources (various Book Review Digest excerpts)

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