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Term Paper and Research Assistance Request Form
Students of the Notre Dame of Maryland University and Loyola University may use this form to request a one-on-one, 30-minute meeting with a librarian. The purpose of the consultation generally is to aid students in finding and using resources for their research and assignments. Please fill in the following information as completely as possible.
Email address:
Phone number:
College and Year:
This assignment is for the following course:
Number of participants:
Describe your assignment and/or purpose of request:
Descibe your topic. Be as specific as possible:
What resources have you already used for this assignment?
List preferred dates and times you would like to meet:
First choice date:
Second choice date:
This request will be sent to the Loyola/Notre Dame Library Reference Department. A librarian will contact you and confirm a date. Please allow 48 hours to receive a response.
200 Winston Avenue • Baltimore, Maryland • 21212 • 410-617-6800

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