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Mission Statement

Cosmos & Creation began in 1982 with the vision that working scientists would find it fruitful to share their religious awareness with other scientists. The group has been ecumenical, although in fact most who have participated have been mainline Christians. For a number of reasons those who participate in the conference are working scientists with earned doctorates (occasionally others have been invited). Former guests of the conference are also invited and some return each year as regular participants. But the conference is for working scientists to discuss and share their vision of God and the world, based on their scientific training, reading, and working experience.

Among those who work in science some begin to develop their own cosmology - a cosmology that often is expressed without the language or the nuance of the professional philosopher, but one that is in touch with the feel of contemporary science. In a similar way we have come to believe that among those who work in science some begin to develop their own theology - this might involve a sense for God that is expressed in non-traditional ways, but still of significance as it is closely related to the contemporary scene.

The original intention of the founders was to bring the scientists together in order for them to share their experiences as scientists working in God's world. It was decided by the group at the first meeting that a distinguished Speaker be invited as a guest in order to stimulate thought and discussion. Since 1987 a luncheon speaker has been added. Regular members of the conference have usually been the luncheon speakers.

The format for annual Cosmos & Creation conferences has been followed almost from the beginning. The guest speaker makes presentations on Friday evening and Saturday morning and the general public is invited to these lectures and the luncheon. The remainder of the weekend is spent by the members of the conference in formal and informal discussions with the guest speaker and each other. The atmosphere is informal and the time for mutual sharing of both religious and scientific reflections has been a mark of the success of conferences. The March 1995 issue of Zygon, Journal of Religion and Science, was devoted to presentations given at the special 1994 conference concerned with Teilhard de Chardin with Father Salmon as Guest Editor. Normally proceedings of Cosmos & Creation conferences are published by the Guest independently.

Cosmos & Creation is grateful first to its members who return each year and make the conference a success. It is also grateful to the administration at Loyola for the encouragement from the beginning and for continued financial support. Finally, the financial assistance from the Raskob Foundation (1982) and the John Templeton foundation (1993, 1994) is gratefully acknowledged.

Paul Richard Blum,;
Robert Pond,

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Past Speakers and Topics


Martin A. Nowak
June 14 - Natural Cooperation
June 15 - God and Evolution

Sunday Morning Speaker: William W. Wright
Eating Your Broccoli and Other Issues in Public Health

Homily by George S. Roth, Ph.D.


Celia Deane-Drummond
June 8 - Christ and Evolution as Theodrama
June 9 - Christ and Ecology as Deep Incarnation

Luncheon Speaker: Gregory N. Derry
Complementarity and Complexity


Francisco J. Ayala
June 10 - Darwin’s Gift To Science And Religion
June 11 - Am I A Monkey?

Luncheon Speaker: Kathy Duffy, S.S.J.
Teilhard’s Mysticism: Seeing The Inner Face Of Evolution


Niels Gregersen
June 12 - God Matter & Information: Towards A Richer Concept Of Matter
June 13 - The Meaning Of Deep Incarnation: Christology After Darwin

Luncheon Speaker: Andrew Buechele, Sch.P.
Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste: What Are Scientists Doing?


Other Universes, The Antrophic Principle And The Cost Of Evolution
William Stoeger
June 13 - Fine-Tuning, Mulitverses, The Limits Of Science And Creation
June 14 - Is Natural Evil Inevitable? Could Other Universes Be Kinder?

Luncheon Speaker: Carl S. Helrich
Growing Up In Oak Ridge During Development Of The Atomic Bomb


Matter, Science And Spirituality
Lothär Schafer
June 8 - Quantum Reality And The New Relationship Between Science And Spirituality
June 9 - The Emergence Of Complex Order From Virtual States: Quantum Theory As A Basis Of The Pre-Darwinian Conception Of Evolution By Natural Law

Luncheon Speaker: James J. Zwolenik
Ethics In Science And Engineering Research


Science, Belief And Culture
Rudolf Brun
June 9 - Science And Christianity
June 10 - Science, Christianity And Art
Luncheon Speaker: Donald Plocke, S.J.
Fingering Zinc: An Unassuming Metal Takes On An Essential Role In Biology


Pierre Teilhard De Chardin’s Legacy
Mark A. S. Mcmenamin
June 10 - Teilhard’s Evolutionary Science
June 11 - Teilhard’s Evolutionary Theology

Luncheon Speaker: Daryl Domning
Evolution And Original Sin – The Problem Of Evil


Eric A. Fischer
June 4 - Sex On The Coral Reef – The Evolution Of Mating Systems
June 5 - Does Evolution Matter? – Perspectives Of A Scientist Turnedpolicy Advisor

Luncheon Speaker: Robert Novak
The Astronomical Search For The Origins Of Life-And Life Itself- In The Solar System


The Brain
Richard Restak
May 30-31 - The Brain - Playground For Mind, Emotion, Intelligence, and Spirituality

Luncheon Speaker: Patrick Heelan
Natural Science As Secular Or As Sacred? - Reflection On Science In The U.S. And Globally


Harold Morowitz
May 31 - Emergence And Philosophy
June 1 - Emergence And The Origin Of Life

Luncheon Speaker: Thomas P. Sheahen
“Annexing The County” - Stepping Up To A Higher Plane Of Thinking


Genomics And Religion
Kenneth R. Miller
June 1 - Will Darwin Survive Genomics? – Evolution And The Challenge Of Whole-Genome Biology
June 2 - Will God Survive Darwin? – Should Religion Endure In A Darwinian World?
Luncheon Speaker: Frank Haig
Symmetry, Beauty And The Fingerprints Of God


Concepts Of Matter
William A. Wallace
June 9 - Matter And Cosmogenesis
June 10 - Matter And Human Generation

Luncheon Speaker: David Byers
Science And The Catholic Bishops


Science And Theology
Philip Hefner
June 4 - Science And Story: Partners Or Predators?
June 5 - Evolution As Epic: Christian And/Or Secular?

Luncheon Speaker: Joseph Earley
How Do Chemists Know When The Many Become One?
Can Others Do It Too?


Templeton Foundation Course Workshop In Science And Religion
John R. Albright
May 22 - Chaos And Complexity

Diogenes Allen
May 22 - The Book Of Nature: Contemplation And Technology In The Greek Fathers And Hugh Of St. Victor

Science And Natural Theology
John C. Polkinghorne
May 22 - Beyond Science (Natural Theology)
May 23 - Can A Scientist Pray? (Divine Action)

Luncheon Speaker: Lawrence W. Fagg
Electromagnetism, Divine Immanence And Natural Theology


Evolution And Theology
John Haught
May 23 - Darwin’s Gift To Theology
May 24 - Evolution And Cosmic Purpose
Luncheon Speaker: Barbara Smith-Moran
Faith And Science In Dialogue: The New England Experience


The Fourth And Other Dimensions
Thomas Banchoff
May 24 - The Dimensional Theology Of Edwin Abbott Abbott
May 25 - The Fourth Dimension And Interactive Computer Visualization

Luncheon Speaker: Peter Dodson
Dinosaurs: New Thoughts On Old Bones


Philosophical And Theological Reflections On Modern Cosmology
Joseph M. Zycinski
May 26 - The Weak Anthropic Principle And The Design Argument
May 27 - Metaphysics And Epistemology In Stephen Hawking’s Theory Of The Creation Of The Universe

Luncheon Speaker: H. John Wood
Recent Information From Outer Space – The Hubble Space Telescope Project


May 27-29 - Teilhard Revisited: Celebrating The Vision

Lododvico Galleni
How Does The Teilhardian Vision Of Evolution Compare With Contemporary Theories?

Michael Heller
Teilhard De Chardin’s Vision Of The World And Modern Cosmology

Mathias Trennert-Helweg
The Church As The Axis Of Convergence In Teilhard’s Theology And Life

Thomas King
An Explosion Of Dazzling Flashes: Teilhard’s Unity Of Faith And Science

Ursula King
What Importance Do Eastern Religions And Mysticism Have In
Teilhard’s Thought?

Karl Schmitz-Moormann
The Future Of Teilhardian Theology


Science, Wisdom And Beauty
Thomas F. Torrance
May 28 - The Transcendental Role Of Wisdom In Science And Theology
May 29 - The Transfinite Significance Of Beauty In Science And Theology

Luncheon Speaker: Edward O. Dodson
The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom: Truth, Beauty And Goodness, Freedom
And Harmony, Unity And Universality, As Exemplified In Biology


The Physical Universe
Arthur Peacocke
May 29 - God’s Interaction With The Chaotic World
May 30 - The Challenge Of Evolutionary Science To Theology And The Church

Luncheon Speaker: Karl Schmitz-Moormann
Redemption In An Evolutionary World


God And Evolution
Ian Barbour
May 31 - Cosmology And Creation
June 1 - Computers And Human Values

Luncheon Speaker: Eric J. Chaisson
Contributions Of The Hubble Space Telescope To Modern Cosmology


God And Evolution
Karl Schmitz-Moormann
April 27 - Evolution And Its Challenge To Theology
April 28 - Evolution: From Matter To Spirituality

Luncheon Speaker: George V. Coyne
Some Reflections On Modern Cosmologies


Michael J. Buckley
April 14 The Newtonian Settlement And The Rise Of Atheism
April 15 God And The New Physics: Paul Davies And John Paul Ii

Luncheon Speaker: Christopher B. Kaiser
New Physics And Old Wineskins


Frederick P. Ferré
April 22 - Cosmos: Child Of Science?
April 23 - Science: Child Of Technology?

Luncheon Speaker: Robert A. Brungs
Science And Faith: The Impact Of Biotechnology On Faith


God And The Scientific Culture
Langdon Gilkey
April 3 - The Creationist Controversy: Religion And Science In An Advanced Scientific Culture
April 4 - Reflections On Scientific And Religious Truth

Luncheon Speaker: Pierre Leroy
Personal Reflections On Teilhard De Chardin


God And Contemporary Physics
Geoffrey F. Chew
March 14 - Why Should There Be Light?
March 15 - Bootstrap: A Scientific Idea?


The Anthropic Principle
Ernan Mcmullin
May 31-June 1 - Contemporary Science and the Question of Design in The Universe


Rustum Roy
June 1 - The Dice-Playing God - Chance, Much Neglected In Western Theology
Response: John F. Haught


Stanley L. Jaki
June 3 - From Scientific Cosmology To A Created Universe
June 4 - The History Of Science And The Dogma Of Creation Evolution: Random Or Purposeful