Natural & Applied Sciences

2015 Winners

Anna Bellerive, (16, Biology), Topic: “The Botanical Applications of Atomic Force and Confocal Microscopy”, faculty mentor: Dr. Bernadette Roche / Dr. Mary Lowe.

Jurgen Bushi (’17, Biochemistry), Topic: “Investigation of Enzyme-Compatible Surfactants for Conducting Tandem Chemoenzymatic Reactions”, faculty mentor: Dr. Courtney Hastings

Emily Chambers (’17, Engineering), Topic: “Determining the ballistic resistance and effectiveness of historic Greek body armor”,Calix O’Hara(’17, History), faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Pond 

Tim Dowd (’16, Computer Science), Topic: “Improving Automated Knowledge Extraction of News Sources ",joint presentation with Josh Mackin, faculty mentor: Dr. Dawn Lawrie

Margaret Gross (’16, Physics), Topic: “Measuring the work functions of specific metals”, faculty mentor: Dr. Gregory Derry.

Josh Mackin (’17, Computer Science), Topic: “Improving Automated Knowledge Extraction of News Sources "
joint presentation with Tim Dowd, faculty mentor: Dr. Dawn Lawrie

Allison Meyers (’17, Biochemistry), Topic: “Alteration of Phagosome Maturation Due to Cytosolic Calcium Variations Caused by the Application of Green Tea”, faculty mentor: Dr. Christopher Thompson

Zachary Pisano (’16, Statistics), Topic: “A Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Bullet Velocity (or: The Statistics of Ballistics!)”, faculty mentor: Dr. Christopher Morrell

Gabrielle Revelo (’16, Physics), Topic: “Correlation of Voltage measurements to amplitudes measured in nanometers through the atomic force microscope”, faculty mentor: Dr. Mary Lowe

Alejandro Salcedo (’17, Biology) Topic: “Evolution of Yeast Cells”, faculty mentor: Dr. Lisa Scheifele

Alexander Verschoore (’16, Computer Engineering), Topic:“Implementation of a compressive sensing algorithm using a reconfigurable logic platform”, faculty mentor: Dr. David Hoe

Danielle Whearty (’16, Bio/Chem/Interdisciplinary), Topic: “The Characterization of Exemestane Resistant Breast Cancer Cells: Potential Biomarkers and Treatments”, faculty mentor: Dr. Armina Kazi