Natural & Applied Sciences

2016 Winners

July 13
Samuel Kolb - Development of an encapsulation strategy for chemoenzymatic reactions -Dr. Courtney Hastings, Faculty Advisor
Adrian Halarewicz - Searching for an orbital-free kinetic energy functional in many-electron systems - Dr. Randall Jones, Faculty Advisor
Emily Mansour - The blacksmith's paradox - Dr. Robert Pond, Faculty Advisor
Thomas Porth - A green chemoenzymatic method for amide synthesis - Dr. Courtney Hastings, Faculty Advisor

July 20
Gianna Branella - Correlations of chromosomal aberrations and fragile sites throughout the yeast genome - Dr. Lisa Scheifele, Faculty Advisor
Micah Duzey and Joseph Lopez -Molecular dynamics simulations - Dr. Mary Lowe, Faculty Advisor
Andrea Acosta -Evaluation of 6DOF sensor systems for manufacturing robots - Dr. Roger Eastman, Faculty Advisor

July 27
Theodore Fortier - Increasing Transaminase Efficiency via Tandem Reaction - Dr. Courtney Hastings, Faculty Advisor
Liam McCrea - Handedness within the behavior of the wood thrush (hylocichla mustelina) - Dr. Kim Derrickson, Faculty Advisor
Matthew Kalensky - Improving thermal comfort via spatially adaptive HVAC - Dr. Robert Bailey, Faculty Advisor

August 3
Allison Meyers - An analysis of the impacts of green tea on mechanistic aspects of phagocytosis - Dr. Christopher ThompsonFaculty Advisor
Tanner Robinson - Solving Bell's mystery of critical strains using measures of strain decrements and through thickness microhardness profiles in tensile bars - Dr. Robert Pond, Faculty Advisor
Dalton Spatz - Spherical casimir effect for a massive scalar field in N-dimensions - Dr. Andrea Erdas, Faculty Advisor
Jessa Laspesa and Michael Latman Extracting knowledge from large text collections - Dr. Dawn Lawrie, Faculty Advisor