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Issue 10, April 2013

Which Language is Most Popular?

by Lewis Berman

LangPop.com has collected data from an assortment of tech job sources and other to rank the popularity of programming languages by the number of mentions. And the winner across the combined sources is still C, with Java a close second. The chart of results from the combined sources is shown below.

Language popularity       

Charts of results from individual sources, as well as the most up to date version of the combined chart, are shown at LangPop.com. The comparison is admittedly unscientific. For one thing, the idea of "popularity" is not fully driven out. For another, the weighting among sources is not particularly well chosen. In addition, what does one achieve by comparing a procedural language like C with a database language like SQL? They serve different purposes.

Ruby is now 10th and moving up in popularity. Maybe you would like to consider our Ruby on Rails graduate course this Summer term!


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