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CBS correspondent and author Lee Woodruff speaks about brain injury treatment at Loyola
Lee Woodruff signing booksBob Woodruff had reached the pinnacle of his career. He had just been appointed co-anchor of ABC Evening News, stepping in after the untimely death of Peter Jennings. Embedded with the U.S. Army in Iraq, Bob and his cameraman suffered grave injuries. After Bob underwent extensive brain surgery, he spent 36 days in a medically induced coma. He and his family faced the challenges of recovering and living with traumatic brain injury.

Bob’s wife, author and correspondent for CBS This Morning, Lee Woodruff, remembers hoping he would wake up and everything would be fine. But when she spoke to an audience of 250 on Oct. 23, she offered a glimpse into the journey the Lee Woodruff speakingWoodruffs faced as a family, and the resources and people who helped them along the way.

Highlighting the brain injury and disorders rehabilitation services at the Loyola Clinical Centers, Lee Woodruff described her husband’s recovery and the impact an illness or injury can have on caregivers and the entire family unit.

Lee Woodruff found herself using a four-legged stool for coping: faith, family, friends, and funny. With humor as a healing tool, the family turned to psychologists, especially for the Woodruffs’ four children. Although Lee Woodruff said she would like to think she was raising empathetic children before her husband’s injury, she believes they are much more empathetic now.

Clinical CentersLee Woodruff also spoke of the inspiration for her books Those We Love Most and Perfectly Imperfect. She and her husband are co-authors of In an Instant. Today Bob Woodruff has mild aphasia—a language disorder—but he has returned to reporting for ABC and playing tennis.

Lee and Bob Woodruff are founders of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which assists wounded service members and their families in receiving long-term care and helps them successfully reintegrate into their communities.

Photos by Pattie Yu

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