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Office of student engagement hosts men’s and women’s leadership events

This semester, Loyola’s office of student engagement sponsored two annual celebrations of leadership: the Men’s Leadership Conference and the Women’s Leadership Workshop. 

With a focus on helping students through direction, connection, and reflection experiences, these programs help students facilitate vocational discernment and an understanding of how they can best serve the community and world they live in.

The men’s event on Feb. 2 marked the fifth annual gathering of male students and facilitators representing a wide variety of majors and departments. More than 40 students and 11 faculty and other facilitators came together for a day of discussion of and reflection on the issues facing male student leaders. This year’s event opened with a keynote address, "Leadership Within," by Lovell Smith, Ph.D., of the sociology department. Other sessions included "Personal Development and Gender Roles," "Leadership on Campus," and "Vocations and Leadership."

Other events included small group activities and a barbecue lunch, as well as a closing presentation featuring remarks from three seniors who shared their personal leadership journeys. At the conclusion of the day, the students completed personal plan of action worksheets that were sealed and delivered to their on-campus mailstops following a two-week reflection period.

In anonymous evaluations, participating students reported a revived interest in and understanding of peer leadership. "The conference made me realize that now is the time to step up as a voice for others and that true leadership potential is within me," said one. "I just have to use it!"

More than 50 female undergraduate students gathered on March 23 for their leadership event, the 20th annual Women's Leadership Workshop, an event established as a unique opportunity for women from each class year to explore and develop their personal leadership potential. Facilitators from across campus, including faculty and administrators from various campus departments, joined in celebrating women as leaders and in exploring how female leadership may vary from general leadership. Small group conversation topics included "Female Leadership after College" and "How to be a Female Leader in Our Society." Additionally, Kaye Whitehead, Ph.D., of Loyola’s communication department, delivered a keynote address about her experiences as a female leader, the struggles she faced as a woman, and how she overcame them.

"As a woman, this workshop gave me tools to help reflect on my four years, and as a leader, it was a glimpse beyond being a 'student leader' here at Loyola," said one senior who attended. 

ISSUE 28, MAY 2013

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