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Welcome home! Now, let’s talk…

As your sons and daughters arrive home this spring, you’ll probably notice how much they have grown and matured over the past year. Each year presents new challenges and opportunities for growth and development for our students and we hope they take time over the summer to reflect on the past year and the people they have become. 

You can help them with this. The following are some suggested "conversation starters" you can use with your Loyola students to gain a better understanding of what they experienced this past year, how they made meaning of what they learned, and what they are thinking about with regard to their next steps.

Class of 2016 

  • Was your first year at Loyola what you expected it to be? What were some highlights of the year? What were some challenges?
  • Have you declared a major? Have you changed your mind about what you thought you were going to major in? (Majors are declared by the spring semester of sophomore year)
  • What are your thoughts about doing study abroad? Is such an experience for you? If you are going to study abroad, what programs most interest you? Have you stopped by the international programs office or attended a program on study abroad opportunities? Have you talked with students who chose not to study abroad? (Most study abroad applications are due in December of the sophomore year)
  • Share some stories about your new friends. How are you going to stay connected with your high school friends? Do you want to stay connected with your high school friends? Do you plan to get together with your Loyola friends this summer?
  • Did you stop by The Career Center to start getting ideas about possible internships?
  • How do you get information from Loyola? Do you read your Loyola email?
  • What is your schedule going to be like this summer? (Explore how students will negotiate their growing independence as they live in your house this summer.)
  • What did you learn about yourself and others?

Class of 2015

  • Was your sophomore year at Loyola what you expected it to be? What were some highlights of the year? What were some challenges? 
  • Share your experiences with any clubs, organizations, or service opportunities you are involved with at Loyola. Have you taken on any leadership roles? If so, what have you learned about yourself as a leader? 
  • What have you done to start the process of identifying internship opportunities? Did you go to The Career Center to learn about how they can assist you with career planning and decision making?
  • Do you have a mentor on campus? If so, tell me about this person.
  • How have things gone with your finances? Are you able to budget your money and cover your expenses? (Check out Cash Course online.)  

Class of 2014

  • You are at the half-way mark of your University experience (hopefully!). How have you changed since your first year?
  • What new foods have you tried this year? What do you like to eat? If you could cook your favorite meal what would you make? (Ask them to make it for you!)
  • If you are thinking about going to graduate school, have you connected with faculty or administrators who could write letters of recommendation for you? How are you going to use the summer to prepare for tests such as the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT? ( The Career Center offers practice test sessions)
  • Have you touched base with your advisor about your degree audit? (No one wants any surprises second semester of their senior year!)
  • Is your résumé completed? Have you touched base with The Career Center so you know how to participate in the on-campus recruitment program?
  • What do you want to make sure you experience before you graduate from Loyola?
  • Have you started thinking about life after Loyola? What are your plans? A job?  Graduate school? Year of full-time service?  
  • Do you know of any fellowship opportunities for after you graduate? (Check out the national fellowships office website.) 
  • What were some highlights for you this year? What were some challenges?
  • What did you learn about yourself and others?

Class of 2013

  • Congratulations! I am so proud of you!
  • Share some of your favorite Loyola memories.
  • Where are you going to live? 
  • Do you have medical insurance?
  • Have you created a budget for yourself? (Check out Cash Course online.) 
  • How are you going to get involved in your new community? What things do you still want to be involved with now that you have graduated and are no longer at Loyola?
  • Looking back what were some of your biggest challenges? What did you learn from them?
  • You are a different person than you were four years ago when you started at Loyola. What are your hopes and dreams now? What excites you most? 
  • How are you going to stay connected to Loyola? How are you going to be an active alum? ( Check out the Loyola University Maryland Alumni Association site.)

ISSUE 28, MAY 2013

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