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Good Stuff Campaign ensures unneeded items put to good use at move-out time

As your sons and daughters prepare to wrap up the semester and leave the residence halls for the summer—or for good for seniors—please encourage them to think twice before throwing out items they no longer need. Loyola’s annual Good Stuff Campaign, which continues through May 19, aims to collect useable but unwanted goods from Loyola students for the benefit of the local community. The program is sponsored by CCSJ, the sustainability office, and student life.

“Loyola’s community agency partners will collect the items and make them available to individuals in need in the area,” said Dennis McCunney, assistant director of Loyola’s Center for Community Service and Justice. “Rather than going to waste or clogging a landfill, your son’s or daughter’s unneeded clothing, appliances, school supplies, and other goods can be used by those who might otherwise do without."

Donation stations will be available around campus through May 19:

  • Campion Tower: Meditation Room (Room 112)
  • Newman Towers: Upper Primo’s
  • Charleston: Seton 12A (Laundry Room); 18A (Laundry Room); Southwell 26A (Laundry Room); Lange 40A (LaundryRoom); Hopkins 3rd Floor Library
  • Gardens: A,B,C,D on 1st Floor
  • Hillside: Flannery O’Connor (basement near café); Hammerman and Butler 1st Floor study lounges (not lobbies or hallways);
  • Ahern: Laundry rooms
  • McAuley: Laundry room
  • Aquinas: Laundry room
  • Rahner Village: Donation boxes will be given to each resident and will be collected during Senior Week

Seniors Only: Donation stations will also be available May 14–18 in Hopkins Lounge, the Aquinas laundry room, the McAuley laundry room, and the Ahern laundry rooms.

Graduation Day: Donation trucks will be available near all senior residence halls.

Desired items include: Small working appliances (irons, toasters, microwaves, lamps, TVs, etc.); household items (clean dishes, glasses, plastic storage/food containers, Swiffers, mops, blankets, towels, ironing boards, cleaning supplies, etc.); school supplies (pens, pencils, unused notebooks, staplers, etc.); toiletries (unopened/unused); clothing (clean, wearable, buttons on, zippers working); food (unopened, non-perishable items such as soups, canned vegetables, drink mixes, salad dressings, cereals, etc.). 

Please visit www.loyola.edu/goodstuff for more information or e-mail goodstuff@loyola.edu.


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