Kodály Music Education

Kodály Textbooks and Materials

A Loyola student studying at a deskMost textbooks for AKI courses may be purchased from an online book shop or music shop before classes begin for a head start on reading and assignments. Some materials are available only through AKI, as listed, and should be ordered via the AKI Order Form. An order form will be mailed to enrolled students along with their registration confirmations.

Article reprints required for each course will be provided by AKI.

For Kodály certification students, the largest investment in books and materials occurs at Level I. The same books are used again in Levels II and III, with a few additions. All required books are essential items for the Kodály teacher's library. In some cases, the same textbook is required for more than one course on the same level (in that case, you only need to purchase one copy).

Basic Supplies for All Students

  • Laptop Computer
  • Binder Dividers for each course
  • Loose leaf paper – lined and unlined
  • Staff paper
  • Rolling cart or rolling backpack (a regular backpack is not recommended)
  • Water bottle
  • A-440 tuning fork

Books and Materials List for Level I, II,  III