Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

MAT Urban Teacher Cohort Frequently Asked Questions, 2017- 2018 Academic Year

What semester does the urban teacher cohort begin?  

The cohort begins Fall 2017.

If I want to start in Summer 2017, may I participate in cohort? 

Unfortunately, the cohort only begins in fall 2017.  

What are the merit scholarships for applicants applying for MAT Urban Teacher Cohort?

Applicants to this program are eligible for a merit scholarship for $8,000 over FA17, SP18, FA18, and SP19.

What is the number of merit scholarships provided for Fall 2017? 

There are 10.

What are the differences between MAT and participating in the MAT Urban Teacher Cohort? 

It is the same MAT degree; however, you will take courses with the other cohort students in a prescribed order.  Courses begin in FA17 and you will graduate in May 2019.  You will take 2-3 courses a semester.  If you are not participating in the cohort, you can also complete by May 2019 or attend on a slower basis.  You have up to five years to complete

Your field experiences and internships will be located in an urban setting.  If you are not in the cohort, the internship could be located in a school in Baltimore or Howard Counties.

What is the application deadline for merit scholarship consideration under the MAT Urban Teacher Cohort?

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is June 1, 2017.

How do I apply for MAT Urban Teacher Cohort?

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Is there a minimum GPA required for merit scholarship? 

The minimum GPA is 3.0.  These scholarships are offered on a competitive basis.

Is there a special application process for applying for merit scholarships?

All MAT cohort applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or above students will automatically be considered.

Are merit scholarships available if I do not choose to participate in the cohort?

The merit scholarships only pertain to the cohort.