Center for Montessori Education

Off-Site Partners

Loyola offers a 36 credit Masters of Education program in Montessori Studies at the Infant/Toddler, Primary, and Elementary levels. Twenty-seven graduate credits are earned by the successful completion of a Montessori teacher preparation course at one of our partner training institutes and the final nine credits are taken in an intensive 4-week session at Loyola’s beautiful Evergreen campus in Baltimore, Maryland.


Greenville Montessori Institute (Greenville, SC)
Next offering: Summer 2019

Houston Montessori Institute (Houston, TX)
Continuing from 2015: Primary Multi-Summer

International Montessori Training Institute (Atlanta, GA)
Next Offering: Summer 2018

Montessori Institute of Atlanta (Decatur, GA)
Offering in 2017: Elementary Academic Year, Elementary Multi-Summer, and Infant (Fall Block)

Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
Offering in 2017: Elementary Academic Year and Elementary Multi-Summer

Montessori Northwest (Portland, OR)
Offering in 2017: Primary Academic Year and Elementary Academic Year

Montessori Northwest (San Francisco, CA)
Continuing from 2015: Infant Block, Primary Block

Montessori Training Center of St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
Continuing from 2016: Infant Multi-Summer and Primary Multi-Summer

Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies (Phoenix, AZ)
Offering in 2017: Primary Academic Year and Primary Multi-Summer 

The Montessori Institute (Denver, CO)
Offering in 2017: Infant Multi-Summer

The Montessori Institute of San Diego (San Diego, CA)
Offering in 2017: Infant Multi-Summer and Primary Academic Year