"Leadership Essentials has proven to be an invaluable partner for Howard Bank, providing a unique opportunity for our best professionals to develop the skills required for both business and community leadership. Our participants confirm that the personal coaching and professional networking has enabled them to develop a strategy for achieving their personal and career goals. In the process, Leadership Essentials has helped Howard Bank fulfill its own corporate development goals."
- Mary Ann Scully, President, Howard Bank

"Ali had a strong work ethic before he joined Howard Tech. Leadership Essentials has provided him with tools and strategies to help maximize his potential. He has built new relationships that will provide a strong sense of community and support as his career advances through the years. The Loyola team are providing a great service to the business and nonprofit communities."
- Ananta Hejeebu, Managing Partner, Howard Tech Advisors

"Leadership Essentials provided a cost-effective method of comprehensive development for a future leader that we otherwise not have been able to provide. Being a nonprofit ourselves, we particularly like the service component and focus on the community."
- Lori Chatman, President, Enterprise Community Loan Fund


"The Leadership Essentials 2014 program provided me countless professional and personal insights. One of the more personally rewarding components of the program was the LE Community Impact Project. Working closely with three other LE teammates, we were able to help design and build a sustainable volunteer program at the Patuxent Institution to teach and prepare inmates for life outside the prison. It was humbling to help those in need and give back to the community."
- John Harrison, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., Class of 2014

"The Leadership Essentials program was a great experience and continues to enhance my career on a daily basis. Through the informative class sessions, insightful coaching experience, and community impact project I gained crucial skills which have expanded my level of professional effectiveness. I have no doubt that these skills; along with the contacts I have developed in the Leadership Howard County community will help to put me in a position of success as a future leader in both the community and my organization.”
- Casey Hughes, Harkins Builders, Class of 2012

"As alumni of the Leadership Essentials Program, I was most impressed with the community outreach projects and networking opportunities. My experience included building significant relationships that I am certain I will maintain both personally and professionally. It is my opinion that business owners will benefit from this program while connecting with emerging leaders and exchanging good practices with local experts. It was a pleasure to take part in such an innovative and motivating organization."
- Monique Washington-Jones, Washington's Karate Dojo, Class of  2012