Centers of Excellence

The Sellinger School offers specialized events and areas in the business community—such as forums for small business owners and IT executives—to network, exchange ideas, and celebrate and share best practices.

Center for Closely Held Firms

The Center for Closely Held Firms helps closely held and family business survive and prosper. The Center offers members access to an extensive network of business contacts, including experts in finance, law, accounting, marketing and insurance. As the area’s only university-based center for closely held firms, it is also able to pool resources from the private, professional, and academic areas to give companies assistance from a variety of perspectives.

Visit the Center's website.

Lattanze Center for Information Systems

The Lattanze Center is recognized nationally as a center of excellence for academic and practitioner collaboration on issues related to information technology. The Lattanze Center sponsors research and programs to improve the practice and education of business in the Baltimore/Washington community and the Sellinger School of Business and Management.

Visit the Lattanze website.

Woodstock Business Conference, Baltimore Chapter

The mission of the Woodstock Business Conference, Baltimore Chapter, is to establish and lead a regional network of business executives to explore their respective religious traditions in order to assist the individual executives:

a)         to integrate faith, family, and professional life,

b)         to develop a corporate culture that is reflective of their religious faith and values, and

c)         to exercise a beneficial influence upon society at large.

The Conference, grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition, welcomes believers who are open to and respectful of one another's religious traditions. It is committed to the conviction that ethics and values grow out of one's religious heritage.

Visit the parent site, the Woodstock Business Conference hosted at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University