Dr. Joseph M. Langmead

Instructor of Accounting


Sellinger Hall 318

Academic Degrees

ST D, St. Mary's Seminary and University.
MA, St. Mary's Seminary and University.
STL, St. Mary's Seminary and University.
MBA, Loyola College in Maryland.
BSBA, Loyola College in Maryland.

Representative Publications

Gauri M. Kulkarni, Brian Ratchford and P. K. Kannan, The Impact of Online and Offline Information Sources on Automobile Choice Behavior.

Wendy Moe, Gauri M. Kulkarni and P. K. Kannan, Using Online Search Data to Forecast New Product Sales.

Gauri M. Kulkarni and Wendy Moe, Product Attribute Variations in Online Sequential Product Views.

Gauri M. Kulkarni, Cross-Cultural Consumer Convergence as Indicated by Online Search Data, Nitte Management Review.

Peggy Tseng and Gauri Kulkarni, Online Search and Offline Sales: The Role of Category- vs. Product-level Consumer Interest, Journal of Interactive Marketing.

Langmead, J.M., Sedaghat, A.M., Integrating Professionalism In the Business School Curriculum: The Development of a Course Examining Implications of the Financial Reporting Crisis on the Professionalism and Ethical Framework of Corporate Controllership and Financial Officers, Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations (Vol. 8, 2007), pp.135-157.

Langmead, J.M., Soroosh, J., International Financial Reporting Standards: The Road Ahead, CPA
Journal, (March 2009), pp. 16-24.

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