Cyber Security Certificate Curriculum

The certificate is a five course (15 credit) sequence offered at the graduate level. In accordance with AACSB and Loyola academic policies, within three years of completion, as many as 12 credits may be transferred into Loyola’s Professional's MBA program as electives. Students currently enrolled in Loyola’s Professional's MBA program may take courses offered within the certificate as electives that can be later applied to the certificate program. The Professional's MBA has separate entrance requirements.

The curriculum is designed with a managerial and enterprise level (C-Suite) focus:

  • Chief Security Officer: Enterprise-wide security strategy
  • Chief Information Officer: Business Continuity Planning strategy
  • Chief Operating Officer: Physical and operations security strategies.

The current sequential order of courses is as follows:


  • GB754 Introduction to Cyber Security Strategy 
  • GB753 Legal, Ethical, and Global Perspectives of Cyber Security (pre/co-req GB754)


  • GB751 Strategic Security Planning (lab-based; pre-reqs GB754 and GB753) 


  • GB750 Security Controls & Prevention Strategies (lab-based; pre-req GB751)
  • GB757 Systems Thinking & Risk Assessment (pre-req GB751 and pre/co-req GB750)