One of the best ways to learn about our programs is to speak with the students and alumni. Below students and alumni reflect on their experience with the Exectuive MBA and MBA Fellows programs.

Dan Phillips, EMBA '12
Now: Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Sun Automation Group Dan Phillips

A colleague asked me to quantify the intrinsic value of my Loyola Executive MBA, which should be considered as two components. First, there is a value component that is more individual in form. By completing an executive education program with emphasis on core business disciplines; finance, economics, marketing, leadership, strategy, operations, globalization, ethics, change management, and critical thinking, my personal asset value has risen remarkably. Understanding the importance of “managing up” in the organization has provided me immense personal gains and has created an exciting work atmosphere. Completion of this program accelerates future opportunities and future income from a results oriented compensation plan. If an ROI were to be calculated for my EMBA tuition, the individual return is realized months before putting on the graduation gown. Loyola helped me become a confident, qualified business leader well prepared for future growth, new challenges, and an ethical business victory.

The second component of value, with more impressive dollar figures, are the “Real Results” achieved for my company from the knowledge that I gained through the Sellinger School of Business. With an education that provides global awareness and deeper understanding of product positioning, I’m better able navigate the challenges of a changing economic world. As a result of the program, I’ve helped my firm penetrate new international markets with business lessons learned from marketing, international macroeconomics, and strategic formulation. My personal communication and leadership style has become polished with better understanding of cultures, people, and the emotional forces that impact our different generations. These concepts were introduced through class sessions in operations, ethics, and leadership. One of the greatest benefits of the program is the tools provided to help motivate staff to work together successfully. This is a key ingredient for any successful leader. A group working together with department and personal goals aligned with company goals produces both top line results (revenue) and more importantly bottom-line results (profit). This system approach was presented in Leadership and Organization Effectiveness. The overall value to the firm is measured from business in new markets, operational efficiency gains from more effective communication of aligned staff, and global supply-chain management. All of these together have already provided more than one million dollars in value to the organization.

Paige Cox-LiskPaige Cox-Lisk, MBA Fellows, '08
Now: Director of Human Resources, Paypal
At time of MBA: Executive Director of Human Resources, Constellation Energy

My personal experience in Loyola’s MBA Fellows program was completely unexpected. The professors, classes, subject matter and facilities were all top notch, but the true value in the experience for me is the relationships that were made and the network that was built. Classroom discussion was certainly where I gained most of the insight, experiential learning, and a better ability to look at issues through a different lens. Many of us continue to draw from each other’s expertise today (several years after we completed the program). Our “network” is a safe place to brainstorm, ask for help, troubleshoot, and generally learn from each other – and laugh, lots of laughs! If I had to choose something directly from the course material I think I’d say Reflection and Systems Thinking were big takeaways for me – in our busy corporate lives we have to remind ourselves to take time to reflect on what is going on around us and to look at the big picture, and I’ve incorporated both into my style, and even schedule. I highly recommend the program.

Heidi Boan, MBA Fellows, ‘09
VP of Business Banking, M&T Bank

I love to travel and thrive on new experiences and the challenge each one brings to shed whatever preconceptions or biases may exist and to see life through a new perspective. It was this same thrilling challenge, only focused on business strategy, that I found fueling Loyola’s MBA Fellows program. I was constantly confronted by new processes, challenges, and solutions as I worked through complex, real-life case studies with my teammates. And the program’s nine-day field study to Hong Kong and Thailand was a highpoint, combining the engaging curriculum with my life’s passion.

Victor Song, MBA Fellows, ‘11
Management Accounting Manager, McCormick & Company

The leadership at my company encouraged me to advance my business and finance skills as well as broaden my perspective. With our international headquarters located in nearby Hunt Valley, Md., McCormick was well aware of Sellinger’s reputation for developing intellectually nimble leaders who are able to assess and adapt to any new situation and so the executive management team recommended Loyola’s MBA Fellows program.

David Keelan, MBA Fellows ‘10
Director of Sales, Comcast

I believe the program played a direct role in obtaining my new position (which I assumed on Jan 2, 2008). It was an interesting transition - new job while in an MBA program. I apply what I learn in the program right away and every day.

Carlyle Schrouter, MBA Fellows '12
Finance and Accounting Manager, Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.

I cannot help but to reflect on my travels prior to, and being, at Loyola.  I find myself longing for Saturdays; beginning with Accounting bright and early and ending with mind mapping (Dr. Mento's class).  But, more importantly, the exchange of ideas from bright, diverse, intelligent group of leaders all in one place, with one aim, to learn!

Wade Barnes, MBA Fellows '11
Assistant Vice President, Consumer Lending at 1st Mariner Bank

I would absolutely attribute the efforts towards attaining the MBA as being impactful on our senior management’s decision to honor me with a promotion.  I was able to apply the lessons learned from class immediately here at 1st Mariner.  The wisdom and experiences of the fellow classmates and professors have been invaluable as we work through some rather challenging financial times.  I am excited to continue on this journey with both my MBA and with my career and know that the having the Loyola MBA will set the stage for a successful career.

Aaron Morris, MBA Fellows '11
Area Manager Customer Operations, Verizon

I have been given an exciting and challenging opportunity to manage Network Operations for Washington DC. As you can imagine, a large portion of my job will be interacting with interest groups and various regulatory authorities. That being said, I believe my enrollment at Loyola has played an indirect role concerning my assignment and will be essential toward fostering relationships pivotal for my success. I’m excited about the upcoming school year, and I am looking forward to strengthening my understanding specific to business. Macro/Micro Economics and Executive Accounting were instrumental, in particular, to my comprehension of linking economic indicators to financial matters.

We asked a number of Executive MBA graduates to tell us about their key takeaway from the program. Below is a sampling of their answers.


David SmithDavid Smith, EMBA '09
Now: Executive Director, Registration Services, Laureate Global Products and Services

The EMBA program at Loyola validated a number of leadership techniques currently in play as an executive, but truly fine-tuned and enhanced my overall knowledge base, especially as it related to the global economy. We focused a lot of time and energy on the extreme economic decline, guiding me to make better decisions as a leader within my organization. Having participated in a program that offered flexibility in not only the instruction, but within my schedule was a ‘win win’ for Loyola and me.



Eric Neal, EMBA '09
Now: Chief Executive Officer, YMCA of Indiana County
At Time of MBA: Director of Initiatives, YMCA of Central MD

This program helped me leap into a CEO role for a business in a turn-around situation, and turn around it did! I took the helm on Feb. 1, 2010 and through Dec. 31, 2011 we’ve experienced 30% growth in overall revenue and took an annual net loss from operations to a net surplus of more than $200,000 in 2011 alone. This program not only urged me to ask “so what?” but taught me how to build a team of leaders who can interpret those answers and implement change.

Nitin AgarwalNitin Agarwal, EMBA '09
Now: President, Motifworks Inc.
At Time of MBA: Senior Manager, basys Inc.

I always had the entrepreneurial spirit but after Loyola's EMBA, I am a better businessman. After my MBA, I started my own IT consulting business which is now close to $1M in less than two years.

Lessons from Marketing (Marketing and innovation are primary functions) and Finance (Cashflow is the king) were very useful, but more than that I have an enriched thought process about business.

John Purcell, EMBA '09

Using tools and ideas I reaped from my Loyola Executive MBA program experience, I was able to map a number of processes and increase efficiency in my sales organization, resulting in reduced order-received to order-inputted times and increased order accuracy. Our adoption of the 'processes, not people' ideal enabled our team to become more focused on tasks and less worried about their 'turf.'

In addition, the Loyola Executive MBA program experience provided me with the information I needed to restructure our price model in my company's Mass Market retail channels, improving our gross margins on those products by 3-5% and resulting in six-figure increases in margin dollars.

Jeff ZarinJeff Zarin, EMBA '09
Now: Chief Financial Officer, Lighting Maintenance, Inc.
At Time of MBA: Chief Financial Officer, Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC

Reflection, teamwork, innovative thought and an integrated perspective on business were key takeaways from my EMBA experience.  Great contacts and networking opportunities have also been put to use. Our new strategic approach achieved 25% revenue growth during the Great Recession. I am a key player on the management team that created a business plan to double the company's size. And I've added leadership of HR, IT, and Marketing to my scope of responsibility.


Diane MaistrosDiane Maistros, EMBA '10
Now: Chief Administration Officer, Mosaic Community Services

In a not-for-profit company that is required to adapt to changes quickly due to unsure funding from year to year, survival comes from finding the most efficient ways to manage our processes. Over an exceptionally difficult year, laden with a recent merger, I was able to implement process improvements in our HR department using workflows, Kaizens, and Ishikawas.


Charley Stoessel, EMBA '10
Now: National Sales Manager, No Tears Learning
At Time of EMBA: National Curriculum Specialist, No Tears Learning

I was able to steer my company into a successful international entry and expansion strategy earning $1.2 M in revenues already through leveraging contacts made during the international field study in China. Most useful were the classes in International Business, IFS, and Strategy.


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View a video of Cristina Mulcahy, MBA Fellows ’12, national sales manager at McCormick & Company, discussing the benefits of the MBA Fellows program.