Undergraduate Services

Introduction to the Career Navigator Program

Compass logo for Career NavigatorCareer Navigator is a rewards program designed to guide undergraduate students in career development. The program involves a multi-faceted action plan that will help students meet their career goals while earning rewards for participation in career-related activities, networking events, speaker panels, and much more. Although the program is sponsored by the Sellinger School of Business in partnership with The Career Center, all undergraduate students are welcome and encouraged to participate.


Career Navigator Fundamentals

Download the map that shows the fundamental elements of Career Navigator. Each task is a "checkpoint" that, upon completion, allows students to achieve each of the four "landmarks": Discover, Formulate, Acquire, and Transition. These four landmarks comprise the program basics, however Navigator rewards can also be earned by attending other approved events and by using social media to get the word out for other Career Navigator activities. Look for the compass logo around campus to see which events and activities qualify for points.

How to Navigate with FanMaker

Students can log in with their Loyola email addresses and Loyola ID numbers to participate in Career Navigator activities, track their points via FanMaker, and redeem points for rewards at the prize store.

Log in with your Loyola email address and Loyola ID number to get started >>