Entrepreneurship is Buzzing

Dean's Reflections

A colleague shared this video with me, and I think it gets right to the heart of the spirit of creativity that’s driving the students I meet today. Innovation and entrepreneurship are hot topics, especially for undergraduates. Students from all disciplines—both from the Sellinger School and Loyola College, our school of arts and sciences—are seeking experience and degrees in entrepreneurship in rapidly growing numbers. Some students have even launched their own businesses, like Robert Fink, ’12, who was featured with Thomas Kuegler, ’94, the  alumnus and venture capitalist who provided his seed money and invaluable guidance, in a recent issue of Loyola magazine

We know our students are hungry for ways to explore new ideas and bring them to life, and we’re delivering. On their December field study to Silicon Valley, our Emerging Leaders MBA students got to meet the innovators at work at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Plug-n-Play. The feedback we received proved they appreciated the chance to learn from people who are hard-wired to think differently. The fact that they almost ran into Mark Zuckerberg on the street hours before he was named Time’s Man of the Year was deemed pretty cool, too. Alumni in the area urged several students to move to the Bay area after graduation, pointing out the region’s long history as a hotbed for fresh ideas and new technologies; we’ll see if any of them choose to do so after they wrap up their MBAs this spring.

We’re also getting a lot of requests from business leaders eager to make sure the next generation has the entrepreneurial spirit and skills they need to keep their organizations strong, and are more than willing to work with our students to make this happen. We’re hitting on an area of enormous interest to so many constituents—I’ll keep you posted on our plans to keep moving forward on this front.