What? So What? Now What?

Dean's Reflections

Take a look at the homepage feature this month. Our faculty discuss the results of the November elections and the potential impact a shift in office could make to different industry sectors. While reducing the government deficit is the focus of Congress, economic recovery is largely on the minds of the public. The long road ahead and the need for discerning leadership on behalf of both the government and private sector is evident.

This discussion led me to think about our approach to business education and its reflection upon the “What?”, “So What?”, and “Now What?” in business and how this approach can help business leaders succeed in good times and have the tools to sustain their business or recover when times are bad. We consistently ask these questions internally as well to makes sure our programs address the needs of students—evidence of this approach to continuous improvement is the recent change in format of the Executive MBA and our addition of our first full-time accelerated MBA.

One article stands out to me—it’s from more than a year ago, but offers some valuable insights on lessons businesses can learn from a recession and stresses that if business leaders do not reflect on what has happened and learn from it, history will repeat itself.