Celebrating Scholarship

Dean's Reflections

A few months back, Loyola was named among the top universities in the country when it comes to welcoming junior faculty and giving them the time and support they need to advance their research. That honor means a great deal to us, especially in the Sellinger School. We want our faculty to be dedicated teachers who engage with their students in the classroom, but to be effective professors who truly challenge our students, faculty members need to be on the leading edge of their own disciplines. We demand a lot of our faculty in terms of their own scholarship, but we offer them significant resources in return, and we know our students see the benefits in the classroom.

Speaking of scholarship, if you read the Baltimore Sun, you probably recognize the name Stephen Walters, Ph.D. Steve is a professor of economics in the Sellinger School. He was recently interviewed by the Sun on cutting the property tax rate in Baltimore; take a minute to read the article.  It is no surprise that Steve’s work and opinions are regularly cited in the media—he conducts research in some pretty interesting areas, including government regulation of business, sports economics, and urban economics. He’s currently working with cities and businesses—including the Chicago Cubs—to improve their financial viability. Steve will be representing the Sellinger School at Loyola’s Dean’s Symposium this spring, an event where prominent faculty members from each of Loyola’s three schools will present their current work to the community.  Steve plans to discuss tax incentives and the extent to which they are, or are not, a tool for fueling economic growth.

The Symposium will also welcome Christopher H. Morrell, Ph.D., professor of mathematical sciences, and Peter L. Rennert-Ariev, Ph.D., chair and associate professor of education specialties, and the winner of The Harry W. Rodgers, III Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award.  We invite you to attend the Symposium as well if you are able. The event will be held March 25; send me a note at  sellingerdean@loyola.edu if you are interested in attending.