Reflections from the Dean

Dean's Reflections

Some reflect only to themselves, silently. Others may keep journals. Still others use social media or blogs. I post a monthly reflection of recent happenings and things on my mind in this newsletter, but I assure you, reflection is much more than a monthly activity for me, my colleagues, and students here at the Sellinger School.

As a Jesuit business school, we emphasize reflection as a tool that can help you in leadership, in management, and in strategy. My colleague, John Everett, affiliate assistant professor at the Sellinger School, discusses his perspective on reflection in his article, “The Art of Reflection.”

It’s certainly timely that our February feature story focuses on this topic. The Spring semester is now in full swing at the Sellinger School, and it’s easy to forget to stop and take a breath.

That’s why we began the semester with a faculty retreat where each of us had a chance to bring personal reflections to the table and discuss strategy for the upcoming semester. I have personally been doing a lot of research and reading up on trends in technology and soft skills businesses want from students. One particular study revealed a top 10 wish list of desired skills. Technology and social media were among them and are certainly becoming a must in the delivery and means of communication to our students. We heard more about interesting ways faculty are incorporating technology in their classes, and explored new resources for doing so. This video does a nice job of illustrating the changing times in terms I like—numbers.

We also discussed delivering on our mission as a Jesuit business school—what we think that means, who we hope our students will become, and how to get them there. These topics will guide us as we revise our Professional’s MBA and undergraduate curricula in the months to come.

Finally, I do want to take a moment to highlight Ethics Week. Each February, we reserve a week to host events focused on ethics. This year, our chair of law and social responsibility, Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, J.D., has scheduled a number of interesting events around the topic, including a guest lecture from Paula Franzese, J.D., one of the country's leading experts in property law and government ethics: “Character, Ethics, and Civility: Leading with Conscience.” I encourage you to attend—all events are free and open to the public with sponsorship by the department of law and social responsibility in the Sellinger School; the department of philosophy in Loyola College; the national business honor society Beta Gamma Sigma; the national Jesuit honor society Alpha Sigma Nu; and the office of mission integration.

As always, I encourage you to reach out to me directly at should you be interested in discussing these or any other topics.

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