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May 13, 2011

For their spring retreat, the Class of 2013 Sellinger Scholars, members of Loyola’s undergraduate business honors program, went on a paintball field trip, led by Jeannie Pridmore, Ph.D., assistant professor of information systems and operations management. The trip was intended to be a fun way to get to know one another and work on leadership and communication skills.

“I could hear the students on the field working together, making plans, moving through the bunkers together. Even once the students were out of the game, they were on the side trying to help the others by giving them information on where to go and what to do. It was neat to see students taking leadership roles,” said Pridmore.

During lunch, students discussed the importance of collaborating, being innovative, and having the right information at the right time and to make data-driven decisions to survive—in paintball or in business.

Sellinger Scholars paintball group

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