About SmartPD

The Loyola SmartPD Blended Learning flipped classroom model works like this:

  1. A faculty coach initiates a one-hour SmartPD module by conducting an online synchronous meeting with a cohort of enrolled teachers to meet them personally, clarify expectations, and demonstrate the web-based integrated social media and professional development tools.
  2. Over the next six weeks, the cohort of classroom teachers gains content knowledge and skills by completing online a Loyola SmartPD module of sessions and activities using integrated social media and PD tools. Teachers receive mentoring and feedback from their faculty coach throughout their work in these sessions. Teachers work as individuals and in teams to apply the content and skills they gained online to solve problems, construct lessons and assessments, and complete performances to improve student learning in their classrooms. This includes sharing their strategies and results through SmartPD tools.
  3. During the completion of Loyola SmartPD modules, the cohort of teachers interact with the SmartPD module learning community, SmartPD teams created by enrolled teachers, as well as global online learning communities.
  4. As a culminating experience teachers share their completed work by creating an online presentation using a collaborative online platform. Teachers demonstrate final products, reflect on their own development, and participate in a collaborative online space to share their work and build collective expertise.

The Smart PD professional development model leads to sharing the cohort’s products and performances for other members of the SmartPD online learning community to access and adapt for their classrooms. SmartPD tools and outcomes serve as powerful professional development resources for teachers because their learning communities continue beyond the completion of a SmartPD module.