MAT Faculty Highlights

Our faculty are the heart and soul of the School of Education. They are involved in ground-breaking research and outreach, representing a variety of disciplines, methods, and perspectives. Faculty work closely with students inside and outside of the classroom, and are committed to strengthening our educators, schools, and school systems.

DelclosVictor R. Delclos, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Psychology
Chair, Education Specialties Department

After 21 years away from my Baltimore hometown and away from Jesuit education I joined the Loyola faculty in 1999 and found a group of students, faculty, and administrators doing amazing work and looking toward even greater things. Since then we have more than doubled the size of our faculty, sharpened our focus on long standing Jesuit ideals, added forward-looking graduate programs like our MAT, and established ourselves as a School of Education.

When I begin each new semester of my Educational Psychology class I am always struck by the commitment to young people and the rich diversity of the graduate students who turn to Loyola as they pursue their own education and professional advancement. In our graduate education we don't just repeat the popular buzzwords used to talk about education in today's local and national press. We delve deeply into the core ideas of learner-centered, equitable, and just education and help our students wrestle with the most critical issues in the field. We help students translate their new understandings into action that they can take to their schools and school systems to bring about meaningful change in the lives of students of all ages. That’s how we drive education forward.

If you are someone who wants to have an impact on the way that children are educated and to make a real difference in young lives, let Loyola be your guide. I would love to have a chance to share my knowledge and experience with you and to share in your journey toward a rewarding career in education.