Montessori Students

Montessori studentsStudents interested in Montessori certification truly come from all walks of life. The Washington Montessori Institute attracts recent graduates from a variety of disciplines and career changers alike—people from fields as varied as business, health, theatre and science have all been drawn to the programs. While the reasons for their interest are as unique as the individuals themselves, Montessori teachers share a desire to engage in work that is effective and "makes a difference." Their teaching tends to lead to better job satisfaction and a sense of optimism sometimes lacking in other professions.

We encourage interested prospective students to attend an information session or open house to learn more about the programs.

After several years teaching high school, I came to Loyola looking for something more relative and immediate to childrens' lives. When I came into the Montessori program, I found my niche. All of the Montessori training has meaning and use for what I'll be doing professionally in the years to come. I can't imagine being prepared any more than I am.

- Kathleen O'Donnell, teacher, caregiver, fundraising executive and former program director, Teach for America