Loyola College in Maryland

©2005 John Kline
Mixed Media Light Sculpture
Collage, Assemblage, & the Found Object


©2001 Holly Seibel
Digital Mixed Media


©2001 Hilary Flint
Digital Composition
Digital Mixed Media


©2000 Kimbery Klibert
Two-Dimensional Design



Studio Arts, Fall 2008

This is My Fall Schedule:

Drawing I: M/W 12-1:40
Digital Two-Dimensional Design: M/W 3-4:40
Printmaking I: T/TH 2-3:40
Senior Project: T. 5:00 and arranged

Office Hours:
M & W, M006: 1:45 p.m.- 2:45 p.m. (x5947)
T & R, M006: 12 - 1:30 p.m.
After 3:40, at Ocher House (and arranged) (x5545)

The Loyola Printmaking Studio, Ocher House, is located next to the ROTC building at the end of the commuter parking lot, beyond Hammerman and Butler dorms.


©2006 Student Collage Boxes
Two-Dimensional Design

©2004 Sara Brady
Exquisite Corpse Collage (det.)
Two-Dimensional Design

©2005 Clare Ostrom
Felt tip marker drawing
Drawing I

©2005 Chelsea Killian
Two-Dimensional Design


©2005 Helen Lukacs
Pair of Assemblage Boxes (drawers)
Collage, Assemblage, & the Found Object