The Children of Lir



Christopher Lonegan is a resident of Monkton, Maryland. He graduated with a BFA from the University of the Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and received his MFA from the Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute.

Chris combines careers as a teacher, painter, poet, and working horseman. His work reflects this intimate involvement with nature, a love of books, ideas, and the craft of painting. Chris taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art, The College of Notre Dame, and now teaches at Loyola College.

Secret Well


The crucial issue in representational painting has never been to fool the eye, but to e ngage the mind. These paintings and drawings are dual acts of transfiguration. Densely l ayered, they begin as limpid, “poured” surfaces, leaving room for invention and improvisation. Through layers of watercolor and oil paint, through the magic of the hand and the medium, the image evolves and a spiritual and physical transfiguration is revealed.

I see nature as a charged presence resonating with a primordial song of organic hierarchy and the passage of time. I am inspired by the frisson of curiosity and wonder that occurs when I read a poem, open a book, look deeply within myself, or turn a corner and come upon something unsuspected and impossibly beautiful. The narrative spaces I have chosen are landscapes of dream and memory; the dense and endlessly intertwined heart of the forest, and the interior of the physical and psychological self. I replace a mirror of the substantial world with a reflection of the transitory nature of existence - where figure, flame, and leaf may trace the architecture of a soul in afterglow.

I love a good tale. Told well, narratives and myths bind us into a fabric of desire, regret, and love that have passed from generation to generation, drawing us into a deeper texture of meaning and connecting us with the voice of time. I invite you to enter these paintings and find within them your own song of life, death and regeneration.