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College is a time for growth, and getting a good education goes beyond the classroom. Loyola encourages its students to get involved in the campus community in hopes of promoting a more rewarding college experience. As a Catholic institution, Loyola is concerned about the development of personal values. The college wants its students to make sound judgments within their personal lives and to carry a moral sensitivity with them after they graduate.

Part of the college experience includes making new friends and meeting different kinds of people. With that in mind, Loyola seeks diversity with its student body in a number of ways. Students from 37 states and 10 foreign countries are enrolled. Helping Loyola's reputation spread regionally and nationally, Loyola is strongly committed to providing opportunities for African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American students, as well as students representing other ethnic groups. The college addresses the needs of multi-cultural students through Administrative support services, sponsorship of clubs and organizations, a recruiting program, and financial-aid opportunities. Loyola is a Catholic college, requiring courses in philosophy, theology, and ethics, but the college hopes to continue to draw students with a variety of beliefs and viewpoints.

For resident students, Loyola offers exceptional living spaces, which help the college rank seventh in the nation in a recent Princeton Review report on dormitories and 18th in overall quality of life. Loyola's administration also received top marks, ranking 16th. Many freshmen live on campus in traditional single-sex residence halls. Other freshmen and all upper-class students may select one-, two-, or three- bedroom apartments in one of Loyola's six on-campus apartment complexes. On-campus living quarters are spacious, carpeted, air conditioned, and fully furnished, including a full kitchen.


Formal co-curricular organizations help bring together students with like interests and provide opportunities for involvement in and service to a larger community. Participation is encouraged by Loyola, which sponsors nearly 50 diverse clubs and organizations.

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