Student-Athlete Academic Support Services

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The Loyola College athletic department is committed to supporting its student-athletes in attaining personal success in both academics and athletics. We recognize the commitment that each athlete his made to the college and therefore have established a program to help students maximize their potential in all aspects of life.

Scott Jones

Loyola's Athletic Academic Support System, headed by newly hired Scott Jones, provides a diverse program ensuring that student-athletes make normal progress toward completion of degree requirements. The program also promotes effective study skills as well as personal responsibility and growth while assisting in formulating personal and career goals. The support group includes a staff of experienced advisors who tend to a full array of athlete services. Jones is the academic advisor for all student-athletes. Entering his first year in that capacity, he serves as a representative of both the athletic and advising offices at the college. A member of the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletes, Jones communicates regularly with students, coaches and faculty to help ensure the personal success of each student-athlete.

Jones, who also will coach the Loyola men and women's cross-country teams, has been a member of the Loyola community since 1995. He received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Providence College, where lie was a member of both the cross country and track and field teams. Jones also received his master of education degree in athletic counseling from Springfield (Mass.) College.

In addition, Leah McGinnity oversees The Study, an academic resource center housing the volunteer tutoring program and providing writing and study skills instruction.

Kathy Milam offers support services for students with learning differences. She assists in identifying language learning difficulties, provides study skills training and runs a support group.

New-Student-Athlete Services

Freshmen and all transfer students are welcomed to Loyola College with an introduction to the entire athletics support staff. Student-athletes are given helpful hints for making a smooth transition in their first year of college.

Study Hall

Students are provided with a scheduled time and place for study compatible with their practice and travel schedules. All freshmen, and select others, are required to attend study hall four days a week for two hours each session.


The support staff provides tutorial assistance for students who are in need of extra help. Tutoring is meant for to be a supplement to sound educational practice.

Individual Advising

Selected students meet with the academic advisor for student-athletes on a weekly basis for the purpose of monitoring progress.

Monitoring Progress

The academic advisor for student-athletes is in constant contact with faculty and coaches regarding academic progress. He also receives quarterly written reports detailing all athletes' academic status.

NCAA Life Skills & SAM Programs

The NCAA Life Skills Program focuses on the overall development of the student-athlete by providing educational programs and service opportunities in areas such as academic excellence, athletics excellence, personal development, service and career development.

Student-athlete mentors are nominated by their teammates to act as the team's life skills resource. SAMs are a resource and friend to their teammates and are active in promoting community service outreach, athletic policy and healthy living.

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