Core Curriculum


The foundation of a Loyola education is a broad core program that covers basic knowledge and concepts in the humanities, math, science, and the social sciences. The purpose is to balance comprehensive education and specialized study in the major and to challenge students to develop their interests, intellects, outlooks, beliefs, and values.

The liberal arts core helps students to explore different fields while settling on their choices of majors. For those already considering a major, the core provides needed perspective while they confirm their decisions. Also, the core encourages students to think and to solve problems in a variety of ways and to critically examine a cross-section of ideas.

These are the subjects required of all undergraduate students to earn a degree from Loyola University Maryland:

Composition (1 Course)

WR 100 Effective Writing or WR 101 Empirical Rhetoric (by invitation only). This course should be completed in the first year.

History (2 Courses)

HS 101 History of Modern Western Civilization. This course should be completed in the first year. And 1 HS 300-level course.

Literature (2 Courses)

EN 101 Understanding Literature and 1 EN 200-level course.

Foreign Language (1 Course at the Intermediate II level or above)

Note: Normally, this requirement must be completed by the end of the second year. Introductory I, Introductory II, and Intermediate I level courses satisfy elective requirements.

Social Science (2 Courses)

Choice of two 100-level courses in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology. Students wishing to take a second psychology course may take one at the 200-level, except PY 291/292. Education majors take ED 202 and ED 205 to fulfill this requirement. Note: This requirement is dependent upon choice of major.

Fine Arts (1 Course)

One course from AH 111 Survey of Art: Paleolithic to Gothic, DR 250 Introduction to Theatre History, DR 251 Experience of Theatre, MU 201 Music Fundamentals, MU 203 Mozart to Mahler: Music of the Classical and Romantic Periods, PT 270 Basic Digital Photography, or SA 224 Two-Dimensional Design.

Mathematical Sciences (1 Course)

Any math or statistics course except MA 004 and MA 109. Note: This requirement is dependent upon choice of major.

Natural Science (1 Course)

One course from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or Physics. Note: This requirement is dependent upon choice of major.

Engineering; Mathematical Science, Natural Science, or Computer Science (1 Course)

Another course from Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering (100-level courses only), Geology, Mathematical Science, Physics or Statistics, except MA 004 and MA 109. Note: This requirement is dependent upon choice of major.

Philosophy (2 Courses)

PL 201 Foundations of Philosophy and 1 PL 200-level course. Note: PL 201 is offered in the fall semester only and is a prerequisite for all 200-level PL courses. PL 200-level courses are offered in the spring semester only. Students are expected to complete this sequence in two consecutive semesters.

Theology (2 Courses)

TH 201 Introduction to Theology and 1 TH 200-level course.

Ethics (1 Course)

One course from PL 300-319 or TH 300-319. Note: The prerequisite for Ethics in Philosophy is PL 201 and one PL 200-level course. The prerequisite for Ethics in Theology is TH 201.


All students must complete one course at Loyola which is designated “Diversity.” These courses include a focus on global diversity, domestic diversity, or justice awareness. This course may simultaneously fulfill a core, major, or elective requirement.