Academic Support

The Study, profesor, and students

At the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC), we're behind you from the first day you register for classes, to the day we hand you your diploma. We help you maneuver through each academic process with easeā€”from initial registration to declaring your major to graduation clearance, and everything in between. We also provide additional guidance for part-time and transfer students, students with learning disabilities, and students on academic probation.

The Study/Peer Tutoring

The Study, administered and maintained by the Academic Advising and Support Center, is located in Jenkins Hall just off the Quad. It is a comfortable alternative to the library or a dorm room for students who need a quiet atmosphere to read or work on a paper, but would still like to sit down on a couch. The Study is also ideal for group assignments.

The Study provides expansive programs of academic support. These resources provide comprehensive learning assistance that enables students to become successful independent learners. One of the most successful programs is Peer Tutoring. The tutoring program at Loyola allows students to support each other in their academic studies. The goal of the program is to promote student independence while fostering mastery of the material. Please visit


Workshops are occasionally provided by the Academic Advising and Support Center to encourage both academic and personal growth and development. The following workshops are sometimes provided:

  • Time Management Strategies - Students will be given a planner for use in establishing effective time management and studying techniques.
  • Test Taking Skills - Students will learn guidelines for answering a variety of test format questions.
  • Note Taking Techniques - A one-session workshop that discusses the importance of note taking before, during and after a lecture.
  • Keys to Academic Success - A workshop focusing on academic survival skills, including time management skills, communicating with the professor/advisor, test taking skills, etc.

The Writing Center

Located in Jenkins Hall, the Loyola Writing Center is a great place to visit when you are feeling overwhelmed by a paper. The Writing Center offers peer consulting on writing assignments across the disciplines at any stage of development. Whether it's a report, proposal, analysis, case review, essay, creative piece or researched project, the Writing Center offers invaluable support. Assistance is available with selecting and focusing on topics, developing critical reading and thinking skills, building strong arguments, using evidence effectively, choosing appropriate citation styles and practices, learning composing, drafting, revising and editing strategies, and understanding genre and disciplinary conventions. The Writing Center assists more than 1,300 students in a typical year.

Academic Mentor Program

Freshman students may consider participating in the Academic Mentor program. Mentors are upper-class students who excel in their majors and wish to work with first-year students. They are assigned to freshmen interested in the same major. The relationship begins during summer orientation and continues throughout the school year with both counseling conversations and social events. This program helps new Loyola students quickly establish acquaintance with upper-class students, learn about college study and the structure of college programs and reflect in more depth upon their own educational plans.


The Loyola/Notre Dame Library is a great place to study and research. To learn more, visit