Honors Applicants

Admission to Honors requires a separate application, which consists of two parts:

  1. Online application
  2. Two essays (The prompts for the essays as well as directions for submitting them are found on the first page of the online application. Please remember to print out the essay prompts and directions before exiting the online application.). Be sure to review the important guidelines to follow when submitting your Honors application essays.

The Honors Program seeks to admit students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, a desire for academic rigor, and a love of learning for its own sake. In reviewing Honors applications, the Director is interested in candidates who have successfully pursued the most demanding curriculum available at their school and who are eager to undertake the intellectual challenge that the Honors Program offers its students. Admission is extremely selective, and neither acceptance by the University nor a grant of scholarship aid is a guarantee of admission to Honors.

  • Early Action deadline for the Honors Program is December 1, with notification sent via U.S. mail by February 1.
  • Regular Action deadline for the Honors Program is February 15, with notification sent via U.S. mail by April 1.

Applicants may apply Early Action to Loyola University Maryland and Regular Action to the Honors Program if they so choose. Applicants should note that they can apply for early action to the Honors Program only if they are also applying early action to Loyola University Maryland.

Current Loyola students may apply for admission to Honors up to the close of their first year, but they should note that very few spaces are typically available.

Learn more about the Honors Program.