Campus Life


Every Greyhound has a different version of life at Loyola. But there are certain things that always get mentioned when you ask a student what it’s like.

Things like waking up to the sounds of student-run radio WLOY. Taking a daytrip into Baltimore. Performing community service for people who really need your help. Joining a club—or three. Hanging out at the Evergreen Café for an afternoon study/gossip session. Checking out the Inner Harbor on the Best of Baltimore program. Grabbing a morning pick-me-up at Starbucks in the student center before heading to classes. Sleeping out for Chordbusters tickets. Eating midnight breakfasts during test weeks. Cheering for the Greyhounds at home games. Relay for Life. Loyolapalooza. The list goes on. When you ask a Loyola student, you’ll hear that life at Loyola is way more than you could ever imagine it would be. Come to Loyola and you’ll discover why.

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