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Spring Break Outreach (SBO)

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Spring Break Outreach

Spring Break Outreach

Spring Break Outreach (SBO) is a week-long service immersion program that takes place in three different sites throughout the eastern United States. The Spring Break Outreach immersion program is designed for students with all levels of community service experience. All those interested are encouraged to apply!

During the months leading up to the immersion, teams meet together to learn about the host community, discuss service and social justice issues and grow as a team. Then, during spring break participants serving in their host community, participants learn about the history and culture of the region. All participants make a commitment to live simply during their week of service; this often means staying in sleeping bags in community centers and churches and preparing and eating economical meals. During and following the experience, teams participate in formal reflection on their service and critical analysis of the social justice issues they encounter.

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For more information, contact Christina Harrison at csharrison@loyola.edu or Malaka Castle (graduate assistant) at sbo@loyola.edu.

"My SBO experience was one that will truly resonate with me forever. My eyes, ears, and heart were opened to things I was completely unaware of that were happening in my own backyard. I truly learned about the impact that we each make on one another."

-          SBO Participant