Nora Benedict

  • Class of 2010

  • Degree B.A. English and Spanish

Nora Benedict graduated from Loyola in 2010. She double majored in English and Spanish and minored in art history. Nora was involved with a variety of student organizations as a Greyhound, including the literary magazine Warnings, the Loyola College Literary Society, and the Chapel Choir. Nora, who studied abroad in Alcalá, Spain, during her junior year, credits Loyola’s Honors Program and the Jesuit academic tradition for instilling critical thinking skills and affording faculty relationships that shaped the course of her undergraduate education—and her life. “One of the first things that I learned during my early days at Loyola was that a Jesuit education strives to produce ‘men and women for others,’” Nora remembers. “This idea resonated with me then, and it continues to resonate with me now, as I travel down my current path toward a life-long career of teaching, service, and research.” Nora completed her Master of Arts in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also holds a Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Virginia. Today she works as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University. Nora hopes to one day become a university professor at a school like Loyola.

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Nora Benedict
My decision to join Loyola's Honors Program stemmed from a desire to be a part of an intellectual community that would challenge me to think, that would support my learning, and that would expose me to new ideas and new friends.

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