Ual Bradley, Jr.

  • Class Year 1979

  • Degree B.A. History

Ual Bradley, Jr., is out to save the world, one bee at a time. As a founder of the Miami, Fla.-based urban beekeeping company Honey Bee City, Ual has channeled his passion for service and community—which were cultivated during his years at Loyola and career in the U.S. Army and later as a federal agent—into educating communities about the impact of urban beekeeping. Originally from Georgia, Ual grew up in Germany and Baltimore before enrolling at Loyola, where he was a member of Loyola’s ROTC program. Today he is dedicated to educating communities about bee conservation.

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I value Loyola as a place of higher education where I was educated to travel through life with purpose and service to God.

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