Cassidy Britt

  • Class Year 2016

  • DegreeM.A. Emerging Media

A 2016 graduate of Loyola’s Emerging Media Program, Cassidy Britt decided to pursue her graduate degree after working in marketing and public relations and realizing her social media expertise was lacking. “I knew that having specific knowledge and a degree in the subject could make me a sought-after individual in the industry,” she says. “While my initial intentions were to stay in marketing, my time in the Emerging Media program completely flipped my professional path and led me to where I am today.” Cassidy now works as a high school English teacher in her hometown of Knoxville, Tenn., with plans to begin law school later this year. Her experience at Loyola made her want to focus on the ethical implications of social media—and to directly affect the regulations and policies surrounding it. Cassidy, who also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Tennessee and a graduate certificate in Nonfiction Writing from the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies, was drawn to Loyola's program’s online classroom, which she could complete while working full-time. “I was able to schedule when I could complete my work and when I would watch lectures,” she says. “Creating a routine and balancing a job and an academic goal allowed me to develop my time management skills and feel like I was striving for something outside of my every day.”

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Britt Cassidy
In all interactions at Loyola, whether online, in person, or at graduation, I knew immediately that the person with whom I was speaking shared the same values I do. It was incredibly nice to enter a community in which core values like generosity and honesty are part of every conversation.

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