Austin Gallagher

  • Class Year 2008

  • Degree B.S. Biology

As a student, Austin Gallagher, ’08, majored in biology with a minor in communication. “College was a period of complete and utter discovery as to who I am as a person,” he said. “It gave me a burning sense of confidence that I continued to develop and nurture along my career.” Austin used that foundation to continue his education, receiving a master’s in Marine Science in 2010 from Northeastern University and a doctorate from the University of Miami. He is now the CEO, president, and founder of Beneath the Waves, a nonprofit to advance the conservation of sharks and oceans through research and education. In 2016, Austin was named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" list. Today he lives in Reston, Va., and has initiatives and businesses spanning Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Miami. Austin’s latest venture, Tempo, is a line of organic, sparkling teas crafted to provide an uplifting source of clean energy.

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Austin Gallagher
It is difficult to encapsulate all of the different ways in which I am using my Loyola education. Simply put, my exposure to the liberal arts has had such a powerful impact on my ability to be an entrepreneur.

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