Andrea Erdas, Ph.D.

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Andrea Erdas, Ph.D., professor of physics, says among his favorite aspects of working and teaching at Loyola are the Jesuit ideals, and he especially enjoys the collegiality of the physics department. Erdas, who has taught at Loyola since 2004, uses Loyola’s values as a blueprint in his teaching and his academic advising of students. The Sardinia, Italy, native, completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Cagliari, Italy, and holds both a master’s and Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University. Erdas was drawn to Loyola for the opportunity to teach and to conduct research. His field of research includes theoretical particle physics, neutrino physics, the Casimir effect, and quantum field theory. Students might be surprised to learn that their physics professor played competitive soccer for 25 years in Italy and the United States, and he still coaches today. 

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Andrea Erdas
At Loyola, a physics student finds personalized guidance, advise, and help, due to our dedicated, caring faculty and small upper-level classes.

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