Janet Maher, MFA

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Janet Maher, MFA, associate professor of fine arts, considers herself to be a navigator of success and enjoys preparing her students for life after graduation. “Many of my students have gone on to have very successful careers in which their time with me helped them open the first important doors,” says Maher, who has been teaching studio arts at Loyola since 1997. During her time at Loyola, Maher has been able to create and develop the mixed media, printmaking, and digital courses within the studio arts program. She uses a wide range of contemporary hands-on and digital methods in her courses to immerse and engage students in the arts. Maher has experience with clay, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking; her own work—which includes digital images, drawings, prints, assemblages and collages, artist’s books, encaustic and mixed media work—has been widely exhibited over four decades. Maher holds both a Master of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico. She has also researched and authored two books, From the Old Sod to the Naugatuck Valley and Waterbury Irish: From the Emerald Isle to the Brass City, both which focus on Irish immigration and culture in southern Connecticut, where she grew up.

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Janet Maher, MFA
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