Vanessa Dodo Seriki, Ph.D.

Vanessa Dodo SerikiAssistant Professor of Science and Urban Education
Co-Director, Center for Innovation in Urban Education 
Undergraduate Class of 2017 Advisor
Beatty Hall 121-2


Ph.D., Education, The Ohio State University, 2011
Dissertation: Mapping the terrain of culturally relevant science classrooms.

M.S., Curriculum & Instruction, Purdue University, 2001

B.A., Biology, Wittenberg University, 1999


Vanessa Dodo Seriki received her doctorate in Education-Science Education-from the Ohio State University in 2011. As a graduate of an urban school and former high school science teacher in Portsmouth, VA and Baltimore, MD, Dr. Dodo Seriki understands the realities that face urban students, families, teachers and schools. As such, she has dedicated her work to empowering urban teachers, students, and families through engagement in science learning. 

Research Interests

Dr. Dodo Seriki’s research interests include the use of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Cultural Modeling in science education; the intersectionality of race and gender in education (including p-12, Higher education, teacher education, and science education) as seen through the lens of Critical Race Theory and Black Feminist Thought; and accessibility of STEM education by all learners, particularly those underrepresented in the STEM pipeline. In addition to preparing teacher candidates to teach science, Dr. Dodo Seriki provides professional development to practicing teachers. 

Recent Publications

Dixson, AD., & Dodo Seriki, V. (2014). Intersectionality and pedagogy: Teachers and the quandary of race, class, and culturally relevant pedagogy. In A.D. Dixson. Researching race in education: Policy, practice and qualitative research: Critical cultural studies series Edited by Rodney Hopson and Edmund Hamann. (Chapter 9). Charlotte: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Dixson, A.D., & Dodo Seriki, V. (2013). Positional and identity-based theories in research. In A.A. Trainor and E. Graue (Eds.). Reviewing qualitative research for publication in the social sciences. (pp. 211-219). New York: Routledge.

Fasching-Varner, K., & Dodo Seriki, V. (2012). Moving beyond seeing with our eyes wide shut: A response to “There is no culturally responsive teaching spoken here.” Democracy & Education, 20(1), Article 5.

Professional Organizations/Affiliations

Association of Science Teacher Educators
American Educational Research Association
National Association of Research in Science Teaching
National Science Teachers Association
Maryland Association of Science Teachers