• Class of 2018

  • Program Emerging Media

As a video producer at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Bryan Babcock became interested in the synergy of video and social media and the ways it would affect brand marketing. Bryan, who received a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and a minor in Film Studies from Salisbury University, decided to purse a degree in Emerging Media at Loyola, which he could attend online while continuing his media career. “I was hesitant about an online class format, but [was able to] connect with classmates just as you would in person—only through a virtual network,” he says. “By the end of every course, I had grown a professional relationship with at least one classmate, if not more. I am also grateful to Neil Alperstein, Ph.D. As a professor, he encouraged me to further my career in video production and to take a step back and study the synergy of social media and video production. Every video has an audience, but how do you maintain audience retention while engaging with the user? This program and Dr. Alperstein's mentorship helped me to better understand and apply these questions." After he graduates from Loyola, Bryan plans to further apply his master's degree to his role as video producer and the next step in his career, whatever that may be. “I foresee companies and organizations seeking candidates with knowledge in emerging media as it impacts every individual, team, and department,” he says.

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I was drawn to Loyola because of the program, but also because of its reputation. As a Catholic/Episcopalian student throughout grade school, I believe that incorporating religion and education provides balance and success for professionals.

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