• Class of2022

  • ProgramClinical Professional Counseling

A Baltimore native, Cameron works at a non-profit community mental health center as a residential counselor. He decided to pursue his M.S. in Clinical Professional Counseling (CPC) to better serve his clients, adults diagnosed with a variety of serious and persistent mental illnesses. Cameron holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and he was initially drawn to Loyola’s counseling program for its high standard of academic excellence. He decided to enroll, however, after he spoke with the program’s faculty. “Their passion for helping professions and teaching alike is palpable.” One of these faculty members is Matthew W. Kirkhart, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology: “He has such an infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter and a passion for sharing the virtues of helping professions. His teaching style is both accessible and detailed,” Cameron says. Loyola’s CPC program successfully integrates the Jesuit philosophy with the ethical and moral training necessary for success in one’s role as a licensed counselor.” Cameron points out that the CPC program is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of training or experience in the mental health field. “It offers a broad range of opportunities both in terms of its immediate curriculum and the types of externship opportunities available.”

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Cameron Di Leo
Loyola’s M.S. in Clinical Professional Counseling program’s commitment to multicultural competence, community service, and social justice empowers me to hone my professional skills as an aspiring LCPC. What’s more, the Jesuit values—caring for others, stewardship, embodying the spirit of giving—are all key values of the counseling profession.

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